Submission Policy

For those wishing to submit material for consideration the best methods are detailed below. While we would like to listen to everything that is submitted to us, it’s not possible to do so. Unfortunately, with the growth of the digital music music revolution, the rate of submissions have tripled to what it used to be. We had an open submission process before but could not keep up with the amount of material that we received. So we needed to find a new solution. 

Because just allowing you to submit your music but us never getting the chance to listen to the material helps neither one of us. We also have clients that require our time, energy and effort which we took into consideration when creating this new submission policy. We still listen to new artists and offer A&R Consultations and Music Feedback sessions, or you can give us material if you meet us at an event, show or even at a bar, we will certainly accept your material. 


Getting Your Material Reviewed

  • Come through a referral
  • Meet us at a music conference
  • If we’re following you on social media
  • Pay attention to events we produce or attend
  • Participate in our website promotions and contest
  • Join our email newsletter for notices on records we need for placements


A&R Consultations & Music Feedback

We also have another option for music submissions that has the added benefit of receiving constructive information that will help you in addressing issues with your music. We offer A&R consultations and Music Feedback sessions, where we give you a video response as we evaluate your music material. Not only are you able to ensure that your material was actually listened too, but you’ll find out why your sending material to A&R’s and industry professionals and not getting anywhere. You also have the opportunity to ask any industry questions, our experience spans countless platinum selling artist. Submit music through our A&R Consultations and Music Feedback sessions using our preferred submission platform and receive a guaranteed response today.