We are a full service entertainment marketing firm, with a suite of services geared to help you achieve results in the entertainment industry. We can help you complete your project and create a brand identity while using tried and true music marketing strategies and standards that help target your consumers. All the while helping to navigate through all the intricacies of the entertainment industry.

We provide a comprehensive suite of entertainment marketing services that enable you to fill in the those difficult industry gaps or help satisfy the ones that may be missing. Having worked with some of the biggest artists and record companies in the world has given us a huge network of resources that we are able to pass on to you. We’re able to handle campaigns of all sizes. From simple album design covers; all the way up to multi-layered marketing campaigns which encompass various strategies and techniques to help promote an entertainment property.



Services Available

Digital Marketing

We create a comprehensive plan to market your brand in the digital space. We know all the latest strategies to reach consumers online and have built great relationships with various platform providers. Our campaigns drive growth and we track metrics every step of the way. We find ways to generate interest, crafting marketing messages that reach consumers in online spaces they frequent the most.

Content Development

Video is sweeping the online world, having an online presences is more than just creating online profiles. You must create content that reflects your brand and connects with your audience. More often than not that content will be video content, that can convey a story to your audience We help develop content that is refreshing and leads to higher engagement with your community. Our partnership with a leading film facility like M3 Studios ensures we have access to a full range of multi-media options, from small scale to full blown productions, including graphics, voice-overs, and leading on screen talent.

Music Video Production

We oversee the complete production, concept development, video treatment, logistics, permits, insurance, creative team, model bookings, vehicles, houses, overseeing every aspect of the production.We’ve produced music videos of all sizes, from artist shooting there first music videos to producing videos for global superstars. Our network of directors and production company partners ensures we can handle projects of all complexities. Working with budgets of all sizes, one thing we never sacrifice on, is creativity. Our long history with our production partners ensures we can execute a project below budget expectations.

Social Media Marketing

Does social media confuse you? Do you have your social media profiles but not gaining any traction? We’ve worked with accounts from inception and grown them to thousands of followers. We develop a strategy to win over fans, increase engagement, and grow accounts. There is an audience online for every product every brand, you just need to reach them. We implement best practices and techniques to teach you the fundamentals of how to make social media work for you.

Entertainment Marketing

If it falls within the entertainment industry we can create campaigns to get the word out. From independent films to new liquor brands entering the marketplace we’ve worked with various properties to market and raise awareness of their entertainment property. Using a variety of techniques within our marketing mix to generate interest through influencers, social media content and digital marketing.

Artist Development

We work closely with emerging artist to nurture and develop the necessary skill-set they will need to tackle the music industry. From handling a room, media training, vocal classes, dance classes, character building, to dealing with the various issues that arise as an artist living in front of the public. Each artist is unique, requiring different approaches, we evaluate and implement the groundwork to set them up with the ability to cope with the demands of the entertainment industry.

Website Development

Your business card, point blank. Every brand, product, artist, company needs a website. There is absolutely no reason not to have an online presences you control. Your social networks create activity and engagement that should point to your official website where you convert those fans. Your official site is the one destination where you completely control the messaging and content you present to your consumer. We create eye catching portals using the latest web technologies and mobile compliant designs. Always optimized to run fast and look great on mobile devices.

Music Industry Consulting

Our record company experience gave us a complete 360 scope of the music industry. We’ve been part of the process from all stages, from getting an artist signed, to working a song on radio, to release a first album. To reintroducing an artist that was reemerging in the industry to an artist thats releasing their 6th album, we have tremendous insights and knowledge into navigating the industry. We can fill in the gaps in your campaign as well bring on the necessary campaign resources to successfully rollout a project.

Music Scoring & Licensing

Do you have a commercial, online video, informercial, or film you require music for?
Music supervisors come to us in part due to our large network of artist and producers we associate with, giving us a wide range of music genres that we ensure are easy to clear and can fill in last minute production deadlines. We specialize in independent artist with commercial sounding records that we can clear on both sides.

Music Production & Songwriting

Our long history in the music business has given us a vast network of producers we can tap into for production. From the newest up and coming talent, to multi-platinum proven hit-makers. Beyond our ability to secure records, our relationship spans multiple years, which means we get the best rates. These producers have worked with us countless times which gives us better negotiating terms. Our network of songwriters is no different, which includes multi-platinum selling and grammy award winning songwriters.

Song Features

We have relationships and connections to a full spectrum of artist. We’re able to pull song features from rising talent as well as establish top tier artist. We negotiate the rate, and handle all necessary paperwork for song features. We also work directly with the major label to get a clearance on there side, which most indie artist overlook. If the artist is signed to a major record company and they have not signed off this can be a major issue with the release of the song.

A&R Services

Crafting a song is a very difficult task, and creating a song that can get on radio, or be a breakout record is even harder. We can assist by A&Ring the process of searching for records that can work with a particular artist. We look at several variables in making our selection of records, from artist brand, previous songs, seasonal changes, the sonic landscape of radio and budget range. Our relationship with countless producers, songwriters, publishing companies and major label A&R’s has given us a strong pulse on changes occurring in music sounds.


As a creative firm, we have project managed photo-shoots for various artist and campaigns. Overseeing all aspects of shoot we handle art direction, styling, make-up and hair, creative team, and keeping the client informed every step of the way. We form a vision and formulate the project assignment presented to the client, we than assemble the team best suited to capture this vision. Our partnership with M3 Studios allows us access to studio facilities of varying sizes at the most competitive rates.

Talent Relations

We’ve supplied musical talent to various conventions and experimental marketing campaigns. Helping program various onsite marketing initiatives for brands. We’re able to execute and oversee the complete activation, from securing talent, negotiating rates, handling logistics, and administering onsite musical performance and agreement deliverables.

Design & Branding

We approach our design aesthetics with a foundation of marketing and branding principles. We take the clients project requirements and do our own research to evaluate how the design connects to the overall narrative of the brand. Our designs have been used for album covers, single covers, posters, t-shirts, promotional presentations and sales decks. Our branding and design services extend to full fledged media kits, where we absorb all of a companies functions and are able to wrap it in a presentation they can use for investor relations, sales and media inquiries.


What Sets Us Apart?


We’ve held the industry positions, we know what A&R’s, music executive’s and entertainment professional’s are looking for when they acquire a music artist/album, entity. With that knowledge we’re able to strategically create music marketing drivers that reinforce the data they are using to make there decisions.


We love music marketing, developing campaigns and watching an artist and project grow in entertainment industry, its not just a job. We’ve had the pleasure of working in conceptualizing ideas at a very early stage in an artist career, and later seen our concepts flourish into national campaigns. It’s exciting to be part of a medium that pushes culture the way the entertainment industry does.


We’ve seen the industry evolve and change, which demands for new creative measures in addressing new industry problems. The industry has been fragmented so we challenge ourselves in finding new creative methods to reach fans and consumers alike. A love and respect for the arts pushes us to creatively match our entertainment marketing efforts to our clients.


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