Our Story

SHOK Entertainment is multifaceted full service entertainment marketing company

SHOK Entertainment is a creative multifaceted company dealing with various segments of the music and entertainment industry based out of Miami, FL. With a focus on music industry consulting, digital marketing, talent relations, music scoring & licensing, A&R services, artist song features, celebrity brand partnerships, and the development, packaging & producing of TV and film projects. The company was established with a focus on delivering high quality results to our clients, projects and partners. Our rich history and real executive industry experience at various levels of the entertainment industry has given us the necessary expertise over a wide range of disciplines required to grow a sustainable career. We aim to be a premier one-stop shop for talents and companies looking to fully exploit & navigate the opportunity’s available to them in the entertainment industry. As a full service entertainment marketing firm, we design and execute campaigns to create deep meaningful connections with consumers while exerting the capability of handling all aspects of a project from A to Z.



Whether you need a full blown album release rollout campaign (encompassing: music video production, content development, social media marketing, branding, design, ad buys, and everything else necessary to properly launch a project) or if you merely need a single service (perhaps its an overhaul of your new company website or a poster design or a talent for your event) we can help in a multitude of ways.

Our industry experience has put us in positions of being able to work with top tier superstar talent and the biggest entertainment companies in the world, cementing a deep understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment industry. 

We help clients address business and marketing challenges utilizing our strategic marketing approach of understanding your brand to create memorable experiences that connect with your audience. 

Our reputation as a cutting edge music marketing, entertainment marketing, management and consulting firm has positioned us as leaders in this new fast paced highly digital music industry era. We understand the changes that have occurred within the media and entertainment landscapes and have adapted with the times.

For further details on the full scope of services available, visit our service page for a breakdown of areas we excel at.          Services