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The 58th GRAMMY Nominations Announced

09 Dec 2015, Posted by Henry in Industry News

The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held Feb. 15, 2016, at Staples Center in Los Angeles and broadcast live CBS from 8–11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

This year, Kendrick Lamar leads the pack with 11 grammy nominations, which is a big win for hip hop which hasn’t seen such a large impact in the Grammys in recent years. Taylor Swift and The Weeknd follow him up with 7 nominations.

The 58th Grammy Nominations for this year are:


Seriously, how could she not be.

Adele has done the unbelievable in an age of music piracy, digital transition, and slumping digital downloads. We previously discussed the lingering question that remained prior to the release of “25” wether Adele and her management team and record company would allow “25” to be available on music streaming services. The decision not to make her album “25” available for digital streaming did not hurt her at all, fans went out of there way to obtain her album.

Adele’s “25” album made music sales history, and along the way has broken numerous sales and debut records. It earned a milestone debut on the Billboard 200 chart, and has already become the year’s top selling album in the U.S. all done, in one week. All praise to the Queen Adele. Bow down music industry, bow down.


Adele makes her triumphant return to the world stage. It what can only be described as a monumental moment in the disarray that the music industry has been in. Which is clearly embodied in the fact that Adele’s newest song “Hello” released October 23rd, 2015 has gone on to break several records in its short life span thus far;  from shattering the highest views within a 24-hour time span for a music video. Achieving over 27.7 million views, a title previously held by Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” which had a view count of 20.1 million views in a 24-hour time span. Additionally it broke the record for the shortest time to reach 100 million views on Vevo, which was previously held by Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”.


What is the value of music??

19 Oct 2015, Posted by Henry in Industry News

“The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think

Starving artists have been affected by more than just piracy and streaming royalties”

This insightful and informative post outlines the many ways music has been devalued to a low commodity. We all been hearing or for that matter feeling the effects of the music industry’s transition into a digital model. After rampant piracy with the likes of Napster and File-Sharing the table was set for the industry’s solution to the problem. Which gave rise to streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Slacker through licensing deals with the major labels as an answer to consumers new consumption habits. Though the conversation has shifted in recent times, to the low payouts these services provide leading some to believe that these streaming services are not the answer to the music industry’s problems. As they themselves also devalue music by the nature of operating as a vast open catalog where little thought is put into a single song and its more about the worlds music catalog at your fingertips as opposed to thought and emotions of purchasing a single song.


I can’t even begin to explain how HUGE this is. WOW. The first artist in history!  The music industry may not be selling a lot of music but Rihanna sure is.


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today announced that Rihanna has surpassed more than 100 million gold & platinum song certifications, elevating her to No. 1 on RIAA’s list of artists with the most digital single awards and making her the first artist to surpass RIAA’s 100 million cumulative singles award threshold, according to a press release put out by RIAA.

Source: Rihanna Is RIAA’s First Artist to Cross 100 Million Song Certifications | Billboard