What is the value of music??

19 Oct 2015, Posted by Henry in Industry News

“The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think

Starving artists have been affected by more than just piracy and streaming royalties”

This insightful and informative post outlines the many ways music has been devalued to a low commodity. We all been hearing or for that matter feeling the effects of the music industry’s transition into a digital model. After rampant piracy with the likes of Napster and File-Sharing the table was set for the industry’s solution to the problem. Which gave rise to streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Slacker through licensing deals with the major labels as an answer to consumers new consumption habits. Though the conversation has shifted in recent times, to the low payouts these services provide leading some to believe that these streaming services are not the answer to the music industry’s problems. As they themselves also devalue music by the nature of operating as a vast open catalog where little thought is put into a single song and its more about the worlds music catalog at your fingertips as opposed to thought and emotions of purchasing a single song.

Music Journalist Craig Havighurst, does a fantastic job of outlining how exactly we got into predicament. Read this now!

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